Surveillance IPv6 Services

This section contains some on-line surveillance IPv6-based services. These services are free so you can try them, once the precedent steps (Configuration and Get Connected) have already worked for you.

Service Type: Surveillance
Service Name: Web Cam
Service Provider: Consulintel
Service Description: This is a high resolution camera available only with IPv6. The camera can be located at home, office, etc. and it shows that you don't need to worry about NAT and similar problems with IPv6
Service Country: SPAIN
Service URL:

Service Type: Surveillance
Service Name: KIESv6 IPv6 Solutions - Surveillance
Service Provider: NCA KIESv6
Service Description: NCA 6CAM IPv6 Network Camera uses the IPv6 automatic address allocation, Plug & Play based DDNS, IP-Sec security function, etc., which will enhance monitoring and surveillance services.
Service Country: KOREA_REPUBLIC_OF
Service URL:

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